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  • Use Some of the
    Most Advanced Technology
    in the Relocation Industry
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  • Use Some of the
    Most Advanced Technology
    in the Relocation Industry
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    Single source oversight for any of your
    commercial moving or freight needs.

Move Management Services

Relocation Management Worldwide provides the most comprehensive move management services in the industry. The transportation of household goods is one of the most tangible, visible and personal services that they manage. Relocation MW has the people, systems, standards and follow-through to guarantee a satisfactory experience for your employees anywhere in the world they may be moving.
With state-of-the-art technology “VERN”, Relocation MW uses some of the most advanced relocation technology in the relocation industry. Using their Move Management services, you’ll have scalable, 24/7 access to employees’ personal move information, as well as greater flexibility, capabilities and protection of sensitive employee data.
Offering solutions in Corporate, Government and Office Relocation as well as freight services, Relocation MW provides everything you could possibly need.
Corporate Move Management Services:
- Domestic or global
- Web-based system tools for an enhanced transferee experience
- Real-time reporting and financial evaluation
- Moves distributed by qualitative and quantitative Key Performance metrics
- Completely paperless process
- Coordinate for a pre-move estimate audit to ensure strict policy compliance
- Conduct a thorough post-move audit
- Thorough claims advocacy
- Carrier performance metrics measured against predetermined standards
- Post-move survey with transferees
- Consult on best practices, exceptions and cost savings
Government Move Management Services:
- Most advanced Move Management software
- GSA (General Services Administration) Pre-Audit certified
- Complete CHAMP (Centralized Household Good Traffic Management Program) solutions
- CONUS (Continental U.S.), OCONUS (Other than Continental U.S.), also known as U.S.   Territories, and foreign relocations
- GSA Post Audit tool for reporting paid invoices directly from the agency
- Ensuring service compliance
- Automated GSA3080 evaluation process and reporting
- Maintaining communication with your transferee and the selected carrier
- Thorough claims advocacy, ensuring prompt vanline claim settlement or adjudication
- Carrier performance metrics measured against predetermined standards
Office Relocations Move Management Services:
- Relocation Management Worldwide-CRS (Commercial Relocation Services)
- Internal, building to building, or further
- Single platform for all commercial needs
- Automated self-use budgetary estimating tools
- Coordination of multi-carrier site visit and online comparisons of quotations
- Ongoing performance and statistical data
- Client can choose the selected carrier
- Project management oversight
Asset Management:
- Barcoding solutions
- Warehousing coordination and solutions
- Greater visibility into an organization’s inventories
- On-demand self-serve services
- Customizable reporting
- Current book value and description
- Pictures of items
- Liquidation services that can include recycling, retail sale, or auction
Relocation Management Worldwide also provides superior freight services for freight of all kinds with just-in-time solutions and Missions Critical solutions, including full truck load, less-than-truck load, just a pallet or even just a box.
Relocation Management Worldwide invites you to access their website at relocationmw.com, where you can take advantage of online budget and cost estimators, learn more about the VERN technology and find out how they can help provide move management services for your company.
If you’d like to speak with an expert who can answer all of your questions, call 1-(866)-815-8300 and let a professional help you customize your move management services.
Relocation Management Worldwide, Inc.
6077 Primacy Parkway, Suite 223 Memphis, TN 38119 USA

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